Are Green Spaces Important?

You told us you valued the green spaces in and around Hermitage. The NDP can formally designate Green Spaces to protect them for the future. Hermitage’s open spaces include:
o Furze Hill recreation ground
o Strip of land on east side Pinewood Crescent (with tall trees, next to the gas governor)
o Pinewood Playground
o Rowlock Gardens Pond
o Dines Way green
o Lipscomb Close green
o Hermitage Green open space.
What have we missed?
Can you help?
Which green spaces in Hermitage are important to you?
Why are they important? Beautiful? Good for recreation? Something else, if so, what?
Allotments – If a piece of land in Hermitage could be developed into allotments for residents, would you be interested in applying for one?
Please let the NDP team know what you think. Email with “Green spaces” as the subject.
Thank you