Neighbourhood Development Plan

Upcoming Open Day

Have your say open day on Saturday October 10th at Hermitage Primary School in the Woodland Lodge.

Built development has advantages and disadvantages for our village. It can provide homes and jobs but also create a burden on the infrastructure, such as roads or schools for example, so it may be both good and bad in different ways.

An NDP would give us, the residents of Hermitage, more of a say about what type of development we would accept and where. However there is a lot of work to be done before a plan can be put together and your help is needed to do that.

A small group of volunteers has got together to work alongside the Parish Council to make this plan happen. Please get involved and let us know your thoughts by email at

All new developments, large or small, are charged a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) specifically to allow for enhancements to the village in line with its growth. Right now, 15 per cent of any CIL charged for development in Hermitage is passed to the Parish Council allowing them to fund projects in Hermitage. When we have an adopted NDP this goes up to a much healthier 25 per cent!

Contact the NDP group at

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